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Don't Kill Yourself: Let the Phoenix Police Help!

Phoenix police officers were involved in a shooting Saturday night after a confrontation with a suicidal man who police say threatened officers with a knife. Officers were called to the residence near 43rd Avenue and Bell at about 6:30 p.m. Saturday by the man's roommate, who said he was threatening to kill himself. When police arrived, they asked the man to drop the knife he was holding. They said he refused and instead threatened them, so they hit him with a Taser. They said the man pulled the prongs out of his skin, and that's when they shot him several times. Police said the man, who is in his 50s, was in serious condition Saturday night. There were no other injuries.

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Comment by Jane Leasman
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It happens a lot...suicide by Cop, which is sad for the Officers, but it happens. 

Comment by Lucky Red
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Yes, yes, yes.  No doubt it was in self-defense.  Like the guy who was shot several times in the back while on a wheelchair for threatening about 6 defenseless police officers with a knife. 

Comment by Anonymous
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Yea, the valley's cops are becoming famous for their 'people skills'.