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The Constitutional Insurrection of Barack Obama

• Becky Chandler
It is the biggest threat to the Supreme Court and the Constitution since FDR engaged in open warfare through the court packing scheme....

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Comment by Mike Chavez
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Damn Right.   And you fan the flame of ignorance in an attempt to move people towards total government.  You should be ashamed lucky red. 

Education about Self government is the answer. 

Tell your bought and sold president, congress, and senate that the ordinary affairs of the People are outside their jurisdiction to rule. 

Comment by Lucky Red
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Oh, the constitutional insurrection of Barak Obama.  The horror!  This can only be compared to...hmmm...the constitutional insurrection of one George W. Bush who said that the Constitution was a "goddamn piece of paper" and proceeded to use it as toilet paper immediately thereafter.

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