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2012 – Are American Voter’s Being Scammed

• The PPJ Gazette
With the recent increased discussion, focus and push to garner the Hispanic/Latino vote for what some believe to be the “necessary votes” required to win the Presidential election of 2012, one must wonder if the American voter (no matter what ones’ ethnicity) is being scammed. The simple fact is that the scare tactics currently being forced upon the American voter concerning the “Hispanic Vote” is an inadequate representation of the truth. The discussion – disingenuous to say the least – leads one to ask …. “Are Americans to assume that neither the Republicans nor Democrats have any plans to address the issues of a sensible legal immigration system, ending illegal immigration, enforcement of our immigration laws and border security?” Are the American Voters being riled up over an issue that is quite contentious, for the purposes of involvement and funding, only for neither party to stand up for the demands of the American majority to secure our border and enforce our imm

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I got a newflash for y'all:  the American voter's have been scammed since the beginning of time.  But as of 2000, there were no longer any doubts.