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Kafkaesque: Blogger Jane Hamsher Being Detained at Quantico...

At Quantico w @DavidMHouse to deliver 42,000 sigs 4 Bradley Maning to brig. Holding us at gate, never happened before: 39 minute ago Called Lt Brian Villiard of Quantico on Friday and again today as courtesy to say we were coming re: Bradley Manning, never called me back. 38 minutes ago Demanding my social security number before they'll let me on Quantico base, but won't say why. Never happened before 37nminutes ago Guess Lt Villiard better at reading FDL than returning phone calls. For first time, made us sign letter saying we won't deliver any pkgs. 25 minutes ago Quantico guards say I'll be arrested if I go to McDonalds while @davidmhouse visits Manning. "That privilege has been withdrawn." 22 minutes ago Now been here at Quantico gate for 30 min. Will not let us leave base, holding us. 22 minutes ago Gunny Foster Military Police #1715 writing me ticket for not hving latest insurance card. Sorry to 42,000 people who signed Manning petition 20 minutes ago Can't leave base, can't go 2 brig, can't get my driver's license, Gunt Foster threatening 2 arrest us. Haven't done a thing. 19 minutes ago Now Quantico guards want @davidmhouse driver's license back for 2nd time. 19 minutes ago I go 2 McDonalds every time we come 2 Quantico while @davidmhouse visits Manning @TheTonyLee bc guards told me 2. Now "tresspassing." 17 minutes ago The guards absolutely knew we were coming @auerfeld & told to harass us. "This was what I was told to do" said Gunny Foster. 15 minutes ago McDonalds wasn't trespassing any other time, but now it will get me arrested @UKFriendsofBM. Won't let us off OR on base. 14 minutes ago We're literally being detained without any explanation at Quantico 40 min now. Won't let us leave 12 minutes ago
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