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Main Stream Media Cheerleading: We Are Entering A “Super-Cycle”

For only the third time since the Industrial Revolution, the world may be entering a long-term growth cycle that will lift all economies simultaneously, driving bond yields and commodity prices higher. The depth and scope of the expansion will be a focus for discussion at this week’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Evidence of a broadening global recovery will enable U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, investor George Soros and 2,500 political, business and academic leaders to shift their emphasis away from crisis- fighting. WTF? The rise in bond yields—especially sovereign bonds—does not mean that it’s a “risk on” environment, and that happy days are here again: It simply means investors are re-allocating their capital, and hedging against the possibility of a collapsing sovereign credit market. It’s not quite a secret that the world’s governments are overindebted, and that the central banks of the world’s premier currencies have been printing their way into reigniting their local economies, creating a race to the bottom effect insofar as currency is concerned.

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Comment by SamFox
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Could all the economic problems the USA & world face be leading to cashless economies? To electronic 'money'? Just a thought.

An all electronic world wide $ system would give big bro a LOT of monetary control of nations, all the way down to the individuals in them. Seems to me electronic only $ gives BB, or whoever runs the banks, total & absolute control of every thing & every one...

What a coincidence!!...Total control is the 'progressive' movement's wet dream.

Will RFID chip technology be used to facilitate buying & selling after world wide paper currencies are collapsed? Where will you keep your chip if this turns out to be what happens?