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Ron Paul "The Federal Reserve Is Responsible For The Inflation, The Business Cycle, Unemploymen

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Comment by Anonymous
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 It's all up to the freaking imagination!

Back to gold and silver, yeah. We will no longer need wallets in our pockets, just string purse around our hips attached to our gunbelt. Just bring a wheelborrow or  push a cart when the transaction is really big! And if hard to find real gold or silver is not enough for $trillions worth of our U.S. economy, we can start polishing all kinds of metals to look like real shining gold or silver.  It is not a fake economy ... it is just fake metals, similar to the printed fake paper money the Fed is dealing with.

Comment by PureTrust
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Paper money has value in 2 areas:1. The value of the item it represents or is officially tied to;
2. The literal value of the pulp paper itself.

When cash money was backed by gold and silver, there was value besides the value of the paper. Now that it is not formally backed by anything of value, how do you put your finger on what it is worth?

Furthermore, since the Federal reserve Bank simply prints or authorizes the printing of cash money, and since they then loan it to the Government, how is it that they actually loan anything of value, since you can't really put your finger on what backs the money?!

The truth is that NOTHING backs cash money. Nothing was loaned to the Government except some cloth paper that has printing on both sides. And maybe not even that.

No loan, no national debt. No national debt, no need for IRS taxes to repay it. Also, no loan in the form of mortgages.

The whole idea of looking for reasons that the money system is failing, is a clever piece of propaganda designed to take the eyes of the people off the fact that there never has been any LEGAL LENDING INSTITUTION LOAN made since the cash money was taken off the gold and silver standard. And, if you really look at it, you might find that there never was any loan made since the Federal Reserve Bank took over the money systems of the nation back in the '30s.

This whole thing is a HUMONGOUSLY HUGE GIGANTIC SCAM to steal the labor of the people from them. And it is working quite well. The people seem to love it this way.