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US Levels, Rebuilds Afghan Village

Tarok Kolache's atrocity reminiscent of Fallujah' ... The U.S. military's operation of completely wiping out the Afghan village of Tarok Kolache reminds one, of the most "brutal and savage" war crime the U.S. committed in the Iraqi city of Fallujah back in 2004 says Dahr Jamail, author and independent journalist. "My first thought upon seeing this news is that it reminds me of what I saw happen when the U.S. military completely destroyed the city of Fallujah in Iraq back in 2004," Jamail said in an interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Saturday. The Iraqi city of Fallujah was "largely destroyed and the population irradiated by the depleted uranium ammunitions that the U.S. used to destroy the city" he said. In October 2010, the U.S. army completely wiped out the Tarok Kolache village in Afghanistan's Kandahar to allegedly get rid of the Taliban militants in the area. However it took several months for the media to get wind of the atrocity. – Press TV

Dominant Social Theme: Villages sometimes must be destroyed to save them.