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The Probate Murders: Part One

• The PPJ Gazette
ISOLATE — IMMOBILIZE — EUTHANIZE “Mom just wasn’t dying fast enough,” states Megan, and those who had the family fortune in their sights needed to do something about that, in order to secure the money. Over protestations from Megan, the mother was trundled into a nursing home, and the law firm that her father had founded began to move against both the mother and Megan, who was becoming increasingly concerned for her mother’s well being. False and damning testimony was made against Megan, and a typical weapon in the arsenal of the guardian was deployed — Restraining Orders were issued against her, in an attempt to keep the mother isolated from the watchful eye of the concerned daughter. According to Megan, the mother went down hill fast. She later discovered why. Without ever even seeing his patient, the Doctor (who would receive his pay from the estate, via the guardian, who was now working closely with George and Smithy), began to prescribe drugs for the mother which were

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