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Gary North: When Should You Make Your Move and How Far Out?

AHEAD OF THE CURVE You are already way ahead of the curve. You have read my reports and reports like it. You regularly read materials that your peers and relatives rarely see and would not believe if they did read them. But it is clear that, over the last three years, far more people are reading such materials than before. This makes you aware of what your situation is likely to be in five years. How much thought have you given to the details of what your situation could be? People think about things in general before they think about things in particular. You have thought about things in general with greater perception than your peers. But this only raises questions regarding specifics. People resist thinking about the specifics. Here are a few specifics to think about. What will rising long-term interest rates do to housing in my town? What will the job market be like in my industry? How well will people in my age bracket be doing employment-wise in my industry five years from now? What is the likelihood that my pension program will still be in force and also growing? How well will urban real estate do in comparison to small town real estate? What will be the effect on urban government budgets in a time of rising interest rates? How solvent is the state government where I now reside? Will the government impose new taxes, especially a VAT sales tax, to cover the budget? What likelihood is there that my state will default on its bonds? In terms of safety, will my location be reasonable? What climate would I want to live in if energy costs triple? How dependent am I on income generated in my region? If I could generate 80% of my income from the Web, would I still want to live where I live today?