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Switching to Verizon iPhone? 3 Ways to Shave the Termination Fee


The Verizon iPhone is due in stores soon, but AT&T customers aching to switch face one nasty hurdle: the early-termination fee.

Many AT&T customers who bought an iPhone are still stuck in two-year contracts, and they’d have to pay a hefty price to get out. In June 2010, AT&T increased the early-termination fee from $175 to $325. (The ETF is reduced by $10 for each month you’re on contract.)

So that means switching to a Verizon iPhone would require buying a new phone and paying the termination fee, which would set you back at least $500. Yeowch.

Pre-orders for the Verizon iPhone 4 begin Feb. 3, and if you just can’t stand the thought of sticking with AT&T any longer, here are a few simple ways to help subsidize the switch.


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