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Karl Denninger Questions Whether Machine Guns Were Banned in 1986

Background: In 1986 an amendment called "The Hughes Amendment" was allegedly attached to wider firearms legislation in The House and passed. This amendment made unlawful the private ownership of machine guns manufactured after 1986. Today, you can own a machine gun, but the Hughes Amendment, H.A.#777, effectively created a "sinking stock" of such weapons that will eventually dwindle to zero as they wear out. Hundreds of people have been convicted of violating this law since, some when their weapons have malfunctioned rather than being intentionally modified. There's a problem with this law, however. It appears that the amendment was never actually passed. Archival footage of the actual House session has been found and is reproduced here. Note who's standing up there with the gavel. That's Chairman Rangel. Yes, that Charlie Rangel. And by the way, you can see quite-clearly that The House Committee at the time was damn close to being in full-on revolt at the time Rangel was allegedly "Chairing" it! Watch the video. It is quite clear that not only did the voice vote on the amendment fail but in addition it appears, if someone hasn't tampered with this video, that there was an electronic recorded vote that went down on the question as well.

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Gosh, whom could Chip be thinking of?

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This is gargantuant news for the gun crowd! And,...this creates a whole new avenue of challenge for relief and redress for nearly anyone prosecuted for manufacturing machineguns since 1986!