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I can’t buy local: I don’t live in China!

• The PPJ Gazette
Buy local? Ok! I will do that! Wait…..this says product of China, product of Brazil, product of Mexico, product of Egypt, Guatemala, Argentina ………where is the stuff produced in the US? How am I supposed to buy local to support my local economy when there is nothing here that was produced locally or even in the United States? And this stuff over here? It just says “distributed by” a company in the US and I have no idea where the heck it came from. In what I see as a sick joke mouthed by sick individuals in our government, the call has gone out to “buy local! Know your farmer!” I know the farmers in this area but they are being regulated and pressured out of business with the passage of the fake food safety bill in the senate. Maybe I should say by one senator…..”Dirty Harry” Reid. It was his one, unanimous vote in an empty senate chamber that broke the back of independent agriculture in the US. Food riots coming to a town near you! Or maybe even yours. By now we hav