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AZ Sheriff Babeu Says Big Sis Divorced From Reality RE: Border Security

Arizona’s Pinal County’s Sheriff Paul Babeu was awarded the Sheriff of the Year award by the National Sheriff’s Association on January 26, 2011. Sheriff Babeu has worked tirelessly and fearlessly against those illegals who traffic in both the drug and human trades. He has really been up against it in the past couple of years, too.Now. Cut to Thursday, January 27, 2011. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Defense delivered her very first State of American Homeland Security Address (SOAHSA??). In this speech, Ms. Napolitano maintained her little fantasy land data, as she did back when the Panty Bomber was foiled (by PASSENGERS) a year ago Christmas and she was quoted as saying, “The system worked”. Huh? The system didn’t work, the PASSENGERS worked!...

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