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Potentially fatal superbug hits England

• Terrence Aym
Back in 1987 Dr. Robin Cook wrote the medical thriller "Outbreak." The best-selling novel focused on a team of brilliant medical researchers desperately racing against time to stop a deadly virus from spreading across the United States and potentially killing millions. Once again fiction becomes reality as England faces its own potentially deadly outbreak with the looming possibility that a superbug from India could bring mass fatalities and spread like wildfire across an unprotected population.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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It is interesting how the “new Swine Flu” is so genetically different from the H1N1 “seasonal influenza virus”, that still circulates after two years. Interesting, because the new flu appears to have “reverse engineered itself” to infect humans after incorporating DNA found in avian, swine and human viruses, including elements found in European and Asian swine viruses. It is a mystery how the DNA from the aforementioned viruses managed to combine their proteins with H1N1 flu viruses that emanated from the 1918 Spanish flu, then mix with swine flu genes from pigs, making it possible to infect humans.