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New York City Investigates Arizona Gun Show

• NY Times
Weeks after a shooting left six dead and 13 injured in Tucson, New York City sent undercover investigators to an Arizona gun show and found instances in which private sellers sold semiautomatic pistols even after buyers said they probably could not pass background checks, city officials said.

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Comment by tittiger
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"In two instances, the New York undercover officers specifically said before buying a gun, “I probably couldn’t pass a background check,” but were still sold guns, city officials said."

But they f*cking did pass the Unconstitutional from hell background check NY Times! Talk about yellow biased news coverage you pieces of sh*t.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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What was NYC doing "investigating" in AZ?  Investigating how many news crews were at the Tucson, AZ gun show (the week after the Gifford's assassination attempt) and how to get our bit of attention?  Or is this another one of those made up out of whole cloth NY Times hope we get a Pulitzer investigations that never left the city limits?

Comment by Temper Bay
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 >> Seller: “Just see an Arizona ID and that’s it with me.”

       Investigator: “So no background check?”

       Seller: “No.”

       Investigator: “That’s good, because I probably couldn’t pass one, you know  what I mean?" 

       The seller sold the gun for $500.

Which indicates (the NY Times failed to mention) that the Investigator [a straw-man buyer] obtained, possessed, and showed an official but fake Arizona State ID.   Two crimes committed by officials of New York City.