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Your Checkpoint Nightmare: Houston Cops Wearing Ski Masks

Secret police with their faces covered by black ski-masks are the hallmark of any modern day dictatorship, which is why the sudden appearance of one such individual helping police conduct traffic checkpoints in Houston County by roughing up victims and planting drugs on them is an damning indictment of America’s slide into an authoritarian police state. According to a report by Rickey Stokes of the Houston Newspaper Online, Houston County Sheriff Vice Deputy Phillip Small is being assisted in conducting traffic stops by a ski-mask wearing man wearing a bullet proof vest with the words “State Police” written on it. The mask covers the whole of the man’s face apart from his eyes. The man has also been seen carrying a large gun strapped to his back. Photos taken by Stokes confirm that the individual is helping police conduct arrests and warrantless searches of vehicles. When Stokes took photographs of the man during a traffic checkpoint at Piggly Wiggly on Montgomery Highway last week, he immediately ran over to Stokes’ vehicle, parked at some distance away from the traffic stop, and started threatening the reporter with arrest if he didn’t delete the pictures. Having committed no crime, Stokes simply drove away. In a subsequent conversation with Attorney Doug Valeska about the incident, Valeska confirmed that Stokes was not committing any offense. He was a member of the media and was not obstructing the traffic stop in any way.

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