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Copyright Mafia: Piracy Rules the Web, Dominating 23.8% of Internet Traffic

These numbers come from a company called Envisional, which monitors brand infringement and counterfeiting—it was hired by NBC Universal to investigate this very issue. These numbers were released today to coincide with a panel sponsored by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. Though it's important to remember that company that exists by monetizing content is behind the report, it does include some important numbers. Video streaming is the fastest growing segment of internet bandwidth, now representing a quarter of all bandwidth. Envisional identified the content of nearly 10,000 "swarms" (a group of users connected to a particular file)—85.5% were video content of some kind while software was 4.2% and computer games 6.7%. The MPAA, no surprise, used these striking numbers to call on the government to crack down.