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Egyptian President will step down, but not yet, citizens chant, “leave now” GUNFIRE

• therealnewsnow
Just moments ago, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak gave a speech on Egyptian Television while thousands of protesters outside continued to chant in the streets. President Mubarak claims he will not run for re-election in a few months and will remain President of Egypt until elections take place. Egyptian citizens reacted harshly to the speech chanting “leave” and “get out.” The President also claims the revolution currently taking place in Egypt is being controlled and manipulated by political forces which aim to add fuel to the fire by enticement, assaults on public and state property and the use of misinformation. Earlier this week, The Hals Report released a story discussing this issue . Egyptian police were identified as looters in Cairo, many individuals believe the police released inmates from three prisons in the area as well in an attempt to scare citizens and stir violence in the streets. The protests have not stopped in light of Mubarak’s vow to step down, they ha

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