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Freedom Of Information Not So Transparent In Obama Administration

According to Darrell Issa, who is quickly and painfully becoming a thorn in the side of the administration, there is a odor of impropriety at the Department of Homeland Security. In the summer of 2010, many people including lawmakers and reporters were being subjected to extra scrutiny for requesting information from the Department of Homeland Security. This is reminiscent of charges leveled at the Clinton administration that hinted at the fact that private profiles were used to bend people to the will of not releasing information that would harm the administration, including having FBI files in the residential area of the White House. Now, we are seeing something that we were promised wouldn’t happen. Something that would be different. Something that, along with Guantanamo closing, lobbyists not being involved in the administration, not mandating insurance purchases and no tax increases on 98% of America among other things, would never happen. Not with this American proud admin...