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19 Year Old Delivers Incredible Speech On Gay Marriage

Zach Wahls, a 19 year old engineering student at Iowa University brought up by two women, speaks against Prop 6 in Iowa that will outlaw gay marriage.

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 A remarkable speech, indeed! I propose that, in the spirit of reducing interference between church and state - the blurring of the line between which is largely to be held culpable - marriage be granted wholly to the purview of the church. It is common knowledge that there are some churches that will officiate and recognize same-sex marriage; those who are part of a same-sex marriage need not join churches or congregations unsympathetic with their situation. Likewise, the issues of convenience that have been connected to marriage for so long, and that are a bone of contention - taxes, medical, funerary, and other legal matters - should be left wholly within the purview of the state. This shall, of course, lead to a greater degree of inconvenience for heterosexual married couples than they have had to endure for many years; however, it shall also provide the homosexual married couples with those aforementioned authorizations so particular to marriage and so central to this dispute. This not meant to punish heterosexual couples - although it could certainly be perceived as doing so - but as a leveling of the playing field. Both straight and gay couples shall have to jump through the same hoops for the same legal recognition; the church's benison on their union shall be as valid under heaven as it can be; and the legal recognition of the union shall be as clear and binding between straight couples as between gay couples. All without a constitutional amendment.