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Granny-knapping: One Iowa family fights to free their mother from a predatory guardianship

• The PPJ Gazette
This story recounted below, is being repeated across the country in every state of the union as predatory guardians, with the aid of banks, attorneys and corrupt courts and police departments, prey on the elderly. Using the aid of the courts, and numerous violations of due process, civil rights and violating many laws, the elderly are being virtually kidnapped from their homes, isolated from family and friends and declared incompetent. Once this process is set in motion with the sanction of the courts, the theft of the estate begins. Everybody gets a piece of the pie while the victim….now held prisoner in a participating nursing home or other facility, is drugged, isolated and held against their will. Think this can’t happen in America? We got laws, right? Yes we do, but the courts have decided they can make their own and are not obliged to honor those pesky laws or the rights of the people victimized by them.