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Virginia considers replacing US dollar with its own currency

• Terrence Aym
A rebellion against the federal government started amongst some of the states back in 2010. The movement started with the attorney generals of a dozen or so states filing lawsuits against the executive branch of the federal government in an effort to overturn the unpopular health care bill referred to by many as "Obamacare." Now, the rebellion has strengthened with some state legislators openly discussing plans to abandon the federal currency-the American dollar greatly weakened by soaring debt and dubious Federal reserve banking policy—and replacing it with state-issued currency backed by either gold or silver, or a combination of both. Recently, the state of Virginia has added its voice to the growing war between states and Washington when state Delegate Robert G. Marshall introduced a bill to permit the Commonwealth to investigate the mechanics and legal hurdles that must be overcome in enacting a switch from the dollar to a Virginian currency.