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Hillary Clinton Champions Egypt’s Torturer in Chief

American officials said Mr. Suleiman had promised them an “orderly transition” that would include constitutional reform and outreach to opposition groups. “That takes some time,” Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton said, speaking at a Munich security conference. “There are certain things that have to be done in order to prepare.” But the formal endorsement came as Mr. Suleiman appeared to reject the protesters’ main demands, including the immediate resignation of Mr. Mubarak and the dismantling of a political system built around one-party rule, according to leaders of a small, officially authorized opposition party who spoke with Mr. Suleiman on Saturday. Nor has Mr. Suleiman, a former general, former intelligence chief and Mr. Mubarak’s longtime confidant, yet reached out to the leaders designated by the protesters to negotiate with the government, opposition groups said. Instead of loosening its grip, the existing government appeared to be consolidating its power: The prime minister said police forces were returning to the streets, and an army general urged protesters to scale back their occupation of Tahrir Square.

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By the way, Obama blinds himself and the American people to what is our commitment to Mubarak and to Egypt in the Arab-Israeli 1976 peace accord. We either jettison Mubarak out of power now or be honest of the role U.S. plays in embattled Egypt and protect Mubarak until his presidential term expires in just "a few more months" this year and allow transition of power to take place. He chose neither … very indecisive as usual, his nemeses or fatal weakness in foreign policy.

Bottom line is, Mubarak cannot resign at the call and threat of the mob and plunge the country to chaos where the danger of a power-grab either by a cleric-backed military or by Islamic fundamentalists themselves, is imminent. It would be a step backward to Egypt’s dark ages if this happens.

Speaking through State Secretary Hilary Clinton, Obama rides on the "legitimacy" of street protests like liberal radicals do – U.S. doesn’t want to interfere with the internal affairs of Egypt [just a foul gas released not necessarily from his behind but through his garrulous mouth], except to say that once Mubarak is out there should be a peaceful transition of power. He doesn’t say how this can be done … a typical Nero-Liberal that chooses what is "politically correct" always, even when Rome is burning.

Expect this: We have a President who is a maverick for change … He could renegade and violate any U.S. signed treaty anywhere in the world, and in the domestic scene abrogate the Patriot Act and let Islam his true religion liberate his brother Muslim terrorists from captivity. He had already done this. He already bowed down and kissed the hand of Islam’s Muslim King of Saudi Arabia signifying that he had changed America he represents. He had exposed his butt to the camera for all Americans to see while doing this shocking and despicable act in full public view. To his childhood Islam religion, the dignity of the Office of the President of the United States is of no moment to the power of Islam he also represents. After a 30-minute meeting with Obama in the White House, poor Mubarak – the father of modernized Western democratic Egypt -- was no longer sure of his own political fate, but what was more dreadful to him was what holds for the future of Egypt while pro-Islam Obama is president.

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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These people would champion Hitler if it fit their agenda. The Hypocrisy of evil is staggering.

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