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Patriot Act Extension Fails in House: Small Victory for Civil Liberties

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On Tuesday, the House of Representatives rejected the extension of three unconstitutional surveillance tools within the Patriot Act. The House voted 277-148 in favor of the extension, but Republicans brought the bill to the floor using a special procedure which required a two-thirds majority, a number they narrowly missed. The news of the failed extension has been seen as a victory to many Americans. The Patriot Act, a bill which has been engulfed in controversy since its arrival has been known to infringe on civil liberties by allowing law enforcement to use warrant-less wiretaps and advanced surveillance systems. Many methods defined within the Patriot Act could be seen as “invasion of privacy.”

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Comment by Hugo Tellez
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 mine did, its so weird, bait and switch, with this 2 party system, now seems like the other side wants freedom..and these tea party people like michelle bachman vote to keep it..makes me sick....its all a big show, but most of us know whats really going on..

Comment by Psychictaxi
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