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Glenn Beck - A Fool and His Libertarianism Are Soon Parted

• Becky Chandler
Do you think Fox will yank Glenn Beck? He still has his chalkboards, but Beck is now a lonely nutcase standing alone in a political wilderness. Bill Kristol has made it clear that even neocons want absolutely nothing to do with him. It's disappointing that a guy who was actually doing some good work for liberty, and made an outstanding speech at last year's CPAC, has come to this. But I guess he can't help it...he's just a mental case....

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Comment by Don Wills
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Another Glenn Beck smear job here at FP. As usual, the FP title created by Becky Chandler has no relationship whatsoever with the original article.

If you aren't lockstep with the anarchists here at FP, then you're an enemy of freedom (e.g. Wayne Root and Glenn Beck). Talk about a recipe for failure! It's anarchist Libertarians who are actually the ones "standing alone in the political wilderness".

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