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Tiny Rubik's-Cube-Sized Cell Towers Could Increase Coverage and Decrease Cost


It took the cell phone several generations to shrink from those oft-mocked Motorola DynaTACs to the slender, pocketable smartphones we have today. But it seems the cell phone tower is poised to make the move from large to very, very small in just one leap. French mobile tech maker Alcatel-Lucent today unveiled a new technology that reduces cell tower base station components—usually housed in a file cabinet-sized casing—to a device the size of a Rubik’s cube.

The technology, known as lightRadio, chops existing cell tower technologies into pieces and redistributes them in a way that allows for smaller, more numerous towers that are less intrusive and that work with all frequencies and technologies currently used, from 2G up to the latest 4G/LTE signals.