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Ernie Hancock, Mark Hinkle, Mary Ruwart help bring libertarian message to Arab world


Ernie Hancock writes:

Google Translators are already available and the graphics are very timely.

What would happen if all of the Technology, Graphics, Lyrics, Music, Philosophy and the Rhetoric of the r3VOLution was sent to Cairo LOVEolutionaries? I don’t know but we are going to find out…

Think of your favorites and send them to me now at The Libertarian Party of the United States, The International Society for Individual Liberty, and several artists and activists are already putting together a list of addresses to send these activist packets to. We will begin compiling a kit of printed material and Computer files to be placed on CDs. We will begin with about 50 of the best activists in the Cairo area that will have the best access to activists and artists to customize the Graphics, Supply translated lyrics to music and to learn from our experiences. We also need files placed on the web for them to access.

The Philosophy of Liberty is being translated into Arabic now (the right to left reading and the fonts are difficult to work with or it would have been finished already) I talked to Ken Schoolland (ISIL) and they are working on it now.

It started with today’s radio show in Hour One

Because we can :)


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