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What least common denominator can be used to compare the different people in the world?

• The Political Commentator
The world as we know it is an extremely complex place. As an example, under what basis of evaluation could Riyadh, Saudi Arabia operating under Sharia Law be compared to Amsterdam in the Netherlands which certainly does not? Therefore, finding a common denominator by which different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, societies, religions, philosophies and belief systems can be measured is an extremely difficult task that borders on the close to impossible. Can they be compared through business, family, customs or ethics? There are so many differences that it seems there is no way to come up with the one tool that can bring all of them together. A great thinker, however, did come up with just the way to provide the apparatus by which the world's wide expanse can be narrowed to fit under one umbrella. So after all of the buildup and speculation, what is this one thing?

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