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'5' Is the Magic Number

I seriously doubt that when Shakespeare penned these immortal lines from Full Fathom Five, that he could have ever envisioned what the number 'Five' might come to stand for. Do you know what that number actually stands for in today's Amerrika? Five is the number of the different types of people that are left in this place. Out of all the nationalities and all the hyphen-people, all the specialized hybrids of individuals and combinations of blood lines, interests, passions and professions: It all comes down to just "5" kinds of people in the USA today! The FIRST group is the elites and the wannta-be elites: the people that believe they are above all the laws. This group includes those professions that service the filthy rich, those that suck from their leavings, and hate whatever the masters hate. The SECOND group contains all those that are trying very hard to remain in the PERFECT class of consumers. These are the people with perfect credit histories, perfect attendance records, and perfect lives that can easily be measured against every single "must-do-nanny-thing" that this screwed-up-society now requires of every person in it. These are the people that never commit to having any real concerns or private thoughts of their own: for they have proudly become the backbone of "The Herd."