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Gigantic Icelandic volcano could plunge Europe into immediate Ice Age

• Terrence Aym
Another mammoth Icelandic volcano, Baroarbunga, is ready to erupt. This one could dwarf the Eyjafjallajokull glacier volcano that blew in 2010 causing havoc throughout Europe. Baroarbunga's last major eruption was horrendous. It changed the weather pattern in northern Europe and darkened the skies for months during 1477. That gigantic eruption generated the largest lava flow in 10,000 years and significantly expanded Iceland's land mass. Now grim experts concede that if the awakening volcano erupts with the same fury it displayed during the 15th Century, the UK could swiftly plunge into the depths of an extended cooling much worse than the winter of 2010 to 2011. Britishers may be forced to abandon their country simply to survive...