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China dependency: It's deja vu' all over again!

• The Political Commentator
Has the United States put itself between the proverbial rock and a hard place? Is the United States beholden to China for critical resources in the same way that we are beholden on countries for oil. I am going to throw out a term that I have used more than once in the past: rare earth elements or REE and China. Recap: October 14, 2010: China isn't just about the money October 21, 2010: Update: China and rare earth elements part deux December 29, 2010: Rare earth elements and China: Flash back and now flash ahead January 19, 2011: US/China summit: It's go time January 20, 2011: Tit for tat as Apple Computer is targeted The here and now Ironically China was mentioned just yesterday morning in the context of the United States depending on past enemies, present enemies and pseudo current friends for critical raw materials and cash. China, in addition to the aforementioned cash is also the worlds primary supplier of rare earth elements that are so critical to the m

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