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Guardianship Abuse rampant in California

• The PPJ Gazette
When you were appointed to the Probate Court, I hoped we would finally have an opportunity for justice. I have pointed out the numerous unethical and inexcusable acts committed by Carolyn Young as trustee, with attached supporting documentation, in my past filings. You have allowed and ordered Young to stay in place, ignoring the facts I presented and the wishes of the creators of this Trust, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson. The two accompanying beneficiaries of my parent’s Trust, Roberta Jones and Jackie Powell, lack information and considering their social status, I do not hold them responsible for their insistence of Carolyn Young to remain Trustee. As you are aware, no doubt, disgruntled siblings are common within the Probate Court arena. It is called “sibling rivalry” and is brought about, in most instances, from child hood jealously. The judges, representing the Sacramento Probate Court, have refused to recognize this obstacle for its obvious character and, to date, have c

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What's new? The entire JUSTUS system is over the top and out of control. The people in this country need to learn a lesson from the people of Egypt  and start getting rid of all the criminal bastards disguised in black robes, suits and ties hiding behind the illusion of respectability. This unbelievable madness has got to stop. How much more abuse, harm and even murder are we going to take before we get head out of butt and wake up? The dumbing down of this country has been a total success. God help us all.