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10 Essentials For Survival: When the Unexpected Occurs

Originally published by The Mountaineers (a Seattle-based outdoor recreation group) in the 1930s, the Ten Essentials is a list of necessities that every hiker, climber, camper, and adventurer should have on hand while in the wilds. The list is by no means exhaustive and should therefore not be looked at as a packing checklist. For example, it does not mention such essentials as a proper sleeping bag and tent or a good set of boots. What the Ten Essentials provides is a list of items which you will likely find yourself in need of when the unexpected occurs. With these items in your pack, you will find yourself much more capable of responding well to all variety of desperate situations. First listed in The Mountaineers publication Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills nearly seventy years ago, the original list is beginning to show signs of age, but is still quite applicable today. Map Compass Sunglasses and sunscreen Extra food and water Extra clothes Headlamp/flashlight First aid kit Fire starter Matches Knife In a recently updated version of the list published in 2003, The Mountaineers have moved away from the specific articles listed in the original Ten Essentials, opting instead for a “systems” oriented list.

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