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Border-psychotic Jan Brewer, proponent of ethnic cleansing and arbitrary Governor over the state of Arizona, is unhappy with the U.S. federal government. The Feds recently got part of her racist Papers-Please police-state bill struck down in court; so she has decided to sue them back.
Every day and every dollar that the state government spends fighting a futile court battle with the federal government is another day and another dollar that won’t go towards "securing" government control over borders, or to designing and passing more idiotic power-trip police-state laws like SB 1070. The more bickering they do and the less "security" they’re able to inflict, the better it’ll be for all peaceful people making an honest living.

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Comment by Lonnie Faubion
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 I don't know who wrote this pile of crap about or Gov. But instead of worrying about the cost of a law suit against the pinko bleeding hearts in DC. Think about the cost to Az. tax payers in this on going battle that the socialistic bung of thugs we have running this country should be putting a stop too. I look at Jan Brewer as the commander in chief on this issue and she has two great Generals in Sherriffs Arpieo and Babaue.

Comment by Temper Bay
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A 'tip-toe thru the tulips' fool and his national sovereignty are soon and easily parted.

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