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Liberty Voice Podcast with Ernie Hancock

Liberty Voice Podcast with Ernie Hancock

Episode #15: Featured Guest Ernie Hancock

Hosted By: John Bush and Jason Rink.

Join us as we discuss…..

The joys of Light Rail, statist public transportation, and Barry Obama’s joke about tyrannical pat-downs.

The Capital Metro Austin Red Line is as empty as can be as its path was dictated by central planning and regional growth management, not the market.

Rink tells us how much he loved Barry Obama’s humor about our rights being usurped by the TSA….

Much of public transportation is driven by one of two things………

1. Leaches and the parasitic class

2. Agenda 21

Some local news about the Austin City Council and there potential violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act

We hear from Robert Butler of about the 2011 Legislative Session

He reports on……..

AZ Style Immigration Law

A Bill Allowing the Direct Sale of Raw Milk

Concealed Carry on Campus

A Bill Banning All Games of Chance

We interview Ernie Hancock of

He tells us how he got involved and how he relates to the youth because he went through the same BS we are going through today when he was young.

We chat about Wallet Voting – – a new effort out of AZ to educate the public about the value of older silver US minted coins.

“It’s real simple, there are those who want to be left alone, and there are those who just don’t want to leave you alone. The ones who won’t leave you alone are the bad guys!” – Ernie Hancock

Ernie informs us of the tomfoolery that is politics. Ernie feels that participating in the system and begging for one’s freedom furthers subservience to the man. He advocates skipping the political class and going straight to the people.

“Government isn’t working, I want my money back!”

He say’s the youth don’t give a damn about the current system. They know it is broken and doesn’t work for them. They are about the future and building the tomorrow that they want to live in. They aren’t buying it anymore!

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-The Foundation for a Free Society

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