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The Left Wants The Right To Destroy Itself – Are We Going To Oblige?

Tired of the folks who don't ever seem to be satisfied with the work we did in November as a FIRST step? Tired of the folks who don't think that ANY person on the right is EVER good enough or damn them for 2-3 bad votes over 20 years? Wonder about their motives or their solutions? So do we.

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Comment by Ruth Slater
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  You have got to be kidding me ! the right wing 2-3 bad votes ??? we are in tow illegal wars , the bush regime did the first pay out to the bankers , and those are just for starters . There isnt a dimes differnce betweem rightwing or left wing. The GOP destroyed itself just like the democrats are. Neither of these traitor sell out parties are worth a vote or the time of day, sell your propagand some place else .