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Russian space expert calls for emergency asteroid deflection program

• Terrence Aym
Ever since the the Russian news agency, Ria Novosti, reported that Russian space scientists are very concerned over the prospects of asteroid Apophis striking Earth, much talk has erupted in some European scientific circles over the likelihood of such a disaster happening any time in the foreseeable future. While the Russians insist the odds are high that the 1,000-foot rock will slam into the Earth—perhaps taking out a whole city of millions when it hits—the U.S. space agency NASA argues their figures show only a one in 250,000 chance of such a calamity occurring. Yet sooner or later one of those tumbling space rocks is going to hit Earth. When it does only its mass and speed will determine how much damage it will ultimately cause.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I'm going to take the opportunity to make a prediction (time stamped and archived) That my comments about governments banding together, or acting unilaterally, will make every attempt to deprive me of my space based "you don't get to screw with me, Ray Cannon". Of this I am very certain.

"But we're afraid... for our people/livestock... yeah yeah, that it. So you can't have one"

Out of range on the Moon or Mars or in another Solar System... how far do I have to be for you to never lay a claim on this individual human being, huh?

I already know where this argument leads. I'll be negotiating for what level of security I am allowed to provide myself with the permissions determined by some collective with their interests, that may not overlap with mine.

Never let a really really good planet freezing/melting/destroying crisis go to waste.

Am I the only that sees how this is going to be used?... I doubt it.

Comment by Temper Bay
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Russian space expert calls for emergency asteroid deflection program <

Won't happen - until it's too late.  Our piss-ant world 'leaders' (Amerika's included) are too concerned with fighting for control over a few acres of dirt.   

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Yada Yada Yada... the bottomline arguments from governments will be the arming of space with a capability of destroying "it's not a moon... its a _great big_ space station" or asteroid or Alien Space Fleet or or or. The moment you hear the governments and their mouth pieces talking about who can and who can not have these "powers" in space then you know once again that they wish to have the monopoly of force over the entire universe. Well, 'we're going to space,... and government is not invited'.

Oh... and I'm taking my ZeroPoint powered blah blah blah SUN Cannon with me.

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