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Tea Party Crashes: The Most UnPatriotic Act

I confess that since November I’ve been holding my breath, watching the clock for how long Tea Party newcomers could hold out against the entrenched Republican elite on Capitol Hill. Collapse was inevitable, however I admit to feeling bitterly surprised at how rapidly they have thrown in the towel. For the record, most of the Tea Party quit their principles of liberty on February 14, 2011—20 days into the new Congress—when Tea Party leaders abruptly abandoned their opposition to the Patriot Act and voted to extend intrusive domestic surveillance, wire tapping and warrantless searches of American citizens. In so doing, they exposed the fraud of their soaring campaign promises to defend the liberty of ordinary Americans, and fight government intrusions on freedom. All those wide eyed speeches that flowed with such thrilling devotions, all of it proved to be self-aggrandizing lies. The Tea Party didn’t even put up a fight. Briefly they rejected a sneak attack to renew three surveillance clauses of the Patriot Act on a suspension vote. That filled my heart with hope. One push from the Republican elite, however and they went down with a loud thud.

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Comment by steve brandau
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Cry a river bud!  The Tea Party is in its infancy.  Its already big enough to withstand Libertarian Tantrums like yours.  Just continue living in the margins like you have for 35 years.  Personally I hate the Patriot Act.  I also voted for Ron Paul in the general election.  That doesn't mean I am going to jump down on the ground and suck my thumb when I don't get my own way.  Of course I do suggest that if you can't stand the heat... get the hell out of the kitchen.


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