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Pakistan, the Davis case, civil unrest and John Kerry reporting for duty

• The Political Commentator
The Davis Case in a nutshell Arrested January 27th in Pakistan, Raymond Davis was charged in the shooting deaths of two Pakistani's. Davis is a former Special Forces operative who claims that he was being tailed by the two men belonging to Pakistan intelligence or the ISI, and that he shot them after they had pulled guns on him. The Pakistani government has corroborated Davis' story that he acted in self-defense and the U.S. government has claimed diplomatic immunity. Some in Pakistan want Davis hanged for the killings Exoneration by the authorities or not, there are factions in Pakistan that want Davis killed for the killing of the two men. John Kerry is currently in Pakistan not for the purpose of getting Davis released but to smooth strained U.S.-Pakistan relations. While that is the cover story, dealing with the Davis case is a key component...