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Surprise, surprise… US picks up the Panama FTA again


One of the things that always intrigued me about Panama is how quickly this place moves… it was among the first things that I noticed when I first started coming here almost 10-years ago– there’s always something major happening.

Landing at Tocumen airport last night, right off the bat I noticed some recent upgrades since my last trip here several months ago. Most obvious– Panama’s airport has gone trilingual. All the signs are in English, Spanish… and now Portuguese as well.

While I was waiting in the VIP lounge for the porter to find my luggage, I was also struck by how many staff had learned basic Mandarin in order to cater to the Chinese businessmen who were sharing the lounge with me.


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Comment by PureTrust
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The point is this. If you go somewhere that the US won't see it profitable to follow you, you probably are safe. If a lot of US people follow you, the US might just figure that it is profitable to follow all of you there.

The safest place for US Citizens and Residents is... in the US. Why? Because if you are from the US, and if you are living in the US, you only have 1 set of laws that you need to follow... US laws.

But if you move out of the US, chances are that you still need to follow US laws (except, maybe, if you formally get rid of your Citizenship). And you also need to follow the laws of the place you move to, and all the Treaties the US has with that place, plus all the combined treaties that the US and that place have with all the other countries of the world.

Easier to stay in the US. After all, how much of the land of your State has been ceded to the US? So, if you are not living on land ceded by your State to the US Government, just maybe you are not living in the US, while you are living right in your State.

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