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Capital Controls now being enforced at the airport


My business partner is just plain unlucky.

The last time he came to Panama was about a year ago– we were both attending an exclusive Atlas 400 deep sea fishing trip at a remote lodge in Panama’s Darien province. I flew in from Thailand last year, Matt came from Atlanta.

As he came down the jet bridge to board his flight, he was met by agents of US Customs and Border Protection, a division of the Department of Homeland Security. Agents were on the jetbridge randomly screening passengers… not for bombs, guns, or knives, though… or even drugs for that matter… but for money.


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Is it just possible that all the aluminum and barium being sprayed in the chemtrails is for the future? Might it be that in the future (very near), after we have ingested enough of the stuff, Government can track us easier by our individual body patterns as presented by the aluminum and barium in our bodies?