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Update Pakistan: Raymond Davis court hearing delayed three weeks

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Follow-up to the Raymond Davis story from Foreign Policy In a story yesterday, "Pakistan, the Davis case, civil unrest and John Kerry reporting for duty", the delicate situation concerning Davis and the two Pakistani's he shot and killed was discussed. It was also discussed how the determination on whether to release, jail or execute Davis could push Pakistan into country-wide civil unrest. Here is part of the update of the story from Foreign Policy, the remainder of which can be read at its website here. Davis delay
 The chief justice of the Lahore High Court agreed to the Pakistani government's request for three more weeks to prepare an opinion on whether Raymond Davis, the American associated with the U.S. consulate in Lahore who shot and killed two Pakistani men who he says were trying to rob him late last month, qualifies for diplomatic immunity, and extended his detention for two more weeks (AP, NYT, ET, Dawn, Reuters). Senator John Kerry left Pakistan last