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Is MERS attempting to put the genie back into the bottle with yesterdays Announcement?

• The Hallmark Abstract Sentinel
MERS - The Mortgage Electronic Registration System issues an Announcement that appears to be an attempt to put the genie back into the bottle Summary: MERS has told its members not to foreclose in its name on home loans, effective immediately. As a recap for those not closely following the issues surrounding MERS and foreclosures, this is hopefully a clear summary of an extremely complicated situation: The MERS-Mortgage Foreclosure story In the old days a potential borrower would go to their local bank, apply for a mortgage, qualify for the mortgage (or not) and then enter into an agreement with the bank. The transaction consisted of a note or an IOU representing a promise to repay the bank and the mortgage that pledged the property as collateral. After the closing the mortgage would be recorded in the county records. The bank would then typically "portfolio" the loan or keep it on its books until it was paid off. Then came the age of easy money with no- income check loa

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