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Guess who's coming to lead Friday prayer in Tahrir Square

• The Political Commentator
Friday prayer in Tahrir Square to be led by the Muslim Brotherhood's "father figure" Yusuf al-Qaradawi There is nothing fatherly, moderate or democratic about this man unless the use of nuclear weapons against the "enemies" of Islam, support for the Holocaust, belief in suicide bombings and opinion that the murder of Israeli women is justified because they serve in the military constitutes fatherly thought. Certainly not in America but maybe in some quarters of the Middle East! The Muslim Brotherhood definitely kept a relatively low profile during the demonstrations to oust Mubarak. And yes, the organization seems to have at the very least demonstrated an ability to be tolerated by the Obama administration. But, James Clapper, the mainstream media and Obama aside, most would agree that the Muslim Brotherhood poses a direct threat to the stability of the Middle East and by extension the globe. So does having al-Qaradawi in the Square Friday finally bring the true intent o