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Scientists: Sun's approaching 'Grand Cooling" assures new Ice Age

• Terrence Aym
NASA and the ESA agree, and so does the Russian space agency, Roscosmos-the sun is headed for a Grand Solar Minimum and a Grand Cooling will commence. The aptly named Grand Cooling is exactly what it implies: the sun is going to cool. That cooling will also cool off the Earth. It will last from 30 to 50 years. What exactly does global cooling mean? Well for one, Al Gore was sure wrong! The Earth isn't going to warm, it's going to get colder. Much colder. So cold a little or full-blown Ice Age will ensue. As a matter of fact, some scientists claim we're already in the early stages of an Ice Age.

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Here is my theory: That marijuana smoke is being mixed with the helium that these people are inhaling. 

The data is only partial contradictory. The theory is GLOBAL warming. That is the entire earth. It does not mean that parts of the earth may not cool. Oh... and the oceans comprise more of the earths surface and being water are a larger heat sink than the land.