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IRS: Prisoners Stole $39.1 Million of Tax Dollars in 2009

• Yahoo! News blog
During 2009, prisoners managed to collect a whopping $39.1 million in undeserved refunds from the IRS. $19 million went to prisoners in just three states: Florida, Georgia, and California. USA Today reported that as outrageously high as those amounts are, the true amount tax dollars that have been stolen could be even higher. The audit that the IRS has just concluded found a large number of fraudsters, but without examining every prisoner's tax return for fraud, it is impossible to know.

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Comment by Alan Neuman
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According to another article I read, simply using the private scrip known as federal reserve notes to conduct your business makes you subject to a tax. It is a privilege to discharge a debt. As opposed to paying a debt with real money such as gold or silver. Now I understand how the IRS gets away with it.

Comment by Olde Reb
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 Notice that this is an IRS statement.  If you listen to the IRS, 100 percent of the wages and profits in the U.S. belong to them.