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Saturday humor (not really): Why is it so damn hard to find a job in America?

• The Political Commentator
After reading this short story from parts unknown about a man's search for an honest days work in America, it becomes clear as to why he and approximately 18 million of his closest friends are having no luck. First a summary of the latest jobs report for a little background "... To get the full aggregate on jobs, look beyond the unemployment data headlines. BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) also reports labor underutilization, known as the U6 number, to report the number of unemployed. It also captures "discouraged workers" who have given up looking for a new job, plus the number of part-timers seeking full-time work. In January, this number fell to 16 percent from 16.7 in December. However, it should be noted that the January number incorporated "seasonal adjustments" that skew the figures. When the seasonal adjustments are extrapolated, the raw U6 number rose to 17.2 percent..." ( One fictional man's futile search for work John Smith started the day early