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“We Owe How Much?”: Waiting for The Big Splatter

Why is no-one concerned about this fiasco which is the Federal government’s budget? Why is everyone buying the patently ridiculous notion that the American economy will “grow its way to prosperity, and out of debt”? Why is no one freaking out over the incredible monetization of the Federal government debt that is being carried out by Ben Bernanke and the Gnomes at the Federal Reserve? I have a theory—unscientific, but I think it’s true: The American people have thrown in the towel. They collectively realize that the shit is gonna hit the fan big time. So in this little window of time before The Big Splatter, everyone’s pretending that nothing’s wrong, everything’s fine—we’re doing hunky dory, couldn’t be better. Any bad news—like the monster deficit? Ignored, blatantly. You know those gamblers in Vegas, who go there and blow their house on the black jack tables? And then they go around town buying hookers and blow left and right, partying hard until the dawn, acting as if they didn’t have a care in the world? At least until the night runs out? That’s the United States. The American people—collectively, irrespective of political parties—blew their country like a gambler blows his house on the black jack tables.

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