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Obama's "Trusted Identities" Internet Plan To Be Unveiled In Coming Weeks

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt said at the conference that the government intends to use its “convening powers” to bring private industry to the table to address these issues. The plan does not envision a single credential and need not threaten privacy, Schmidt said. “Trust does not mean you know everything about everybody,” he said. The NSTIC ecosystem envisions selective use of credentials as appropriate. On Tuesday, Grant was in his second day on the job as head of the program office, which has not been formally set up yet. It was announced two weeks ago that NSTIC would be established in the Commerce Department. Once the office is set up and the strategy has been signed, Grant said, his first task would be to identify government stakeholders to participate. These probably will include the General Services Administration, which oversees the government’s federated identity programs, as well as technology providers and relying parties. As for plans for identifying and bringing companies to the table, Grant could say only, “stay tuned.”