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World events and "Is ignorance really bliss" or tales from a restaurant (Video)

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The news from Bahrain, the Middle East, Pakistan, China, etc. Are many Americans too ignorant, self-absorbed, unable to focus (ADHD epidemic), in denial, too obsessed with Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore or all of the above to care about what is happening in the world? Tales from dinner in a restaurant I was in a restaurant last night discussing with friends the events and potential impact that the unrest in the Middle East could bring. Not only to that region, but to the world. We talked about how the story of Raymond Davis, the U.S. citizen/diplomat being held in a Pakistan jail for the self-defense killing of two alleged ISI agents could impact the stability of this unstable country. How if he is either released or sentenced to jail and not executed, Pakistan could explode causing upheaval in a place critical to United States interests, that's a member of the nuclear club and that has Islamic extremists in various positions of power. The topic came up of how the Muslim